We Return to Overwatch's Halloween Event, Are Gluttons for Punishment

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

Castle crashers

'Tis the season, which means that Overwatch's Halloween event, Junkenstein's Revenge, is back for a limited time only. Still sore from our defeat last year, we head back into Overwatch for revenge on Junkenstein's Revenge. Will it go any better this year? Watch and find out!

Overwatch's Halloween event brings back Junkenstein's Revenge, a co-op PVE experience on a small, Halloween-themed castle map. In it, your four-player team of McCree, Hanzo, Ana and Soldier 76 must fend off waves of zombified robot "Zomnics" and "Elites": four Overwatch characters in spooky Halloween costumes.

It also includes a new endless mode for skilled players, which lets you play endlessly when using one of the four additional heroes in this mode: Genji, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta.

Overwatch's Halloween event is live now until 2 November.

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