Show of the Week: Wolfenstein The New Colossus and 5 Timelines Where Technology Was Weirder, Worse

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

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Wolfenstein sequel The New Colossus presents us with an alternate history in which Nazis won the Second World War, and now occupy the United States with their advanced technology of laser guns, robot dogs, and decades-too-early videogames. Why are alternate timelines always so full of weird, bad technology? Show of the Week investigates.

Take the alternate history of Prey, for example, which posits a world in which John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated in Dallas in 1963, and as a result, the US space program flourished to the point where huge, lavishly appointed space stations like the game's Talos 1 came into being.

Unfortunately, Kennedy also appears to have had little regard for things like safety equipment and containment protocols, as said space station is also crawling with scuttling nightmare aliens called Mimics.

Might just stay on Earth, Jack. At least my coffee isn't trying to kill me here.

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