Flying Machine Technology Leaves a Lot to be Desired in Red Dead Redemption

Published 4 months ago by Andy Farrant

On a wing and a prayer

This week in our Red Dead Redemption adventure, we're mopping up the final stranger missions, starting with the mission Daedalus and Son. In this mission we must help an amateur aviator named Charles Kinnear finish his flying machine by collecting a bunch of animal parts and red sage. The Wright Brothers had been flying planes for about six years at this point in history, but we haven't the heart to tell him.

On discovering I lost my Red Dead Redemption saves, we resolved to reclaim my 100 percent complete status by replaying my favourite game of the last generation - whetting our appetite for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in Spring 2018, into the bargain.

As Jack Marston says to his father later in the game, one of those flying machines can turn men into angels, although it's possible he meant that less literally than here, where it turns Mr Kinnear into an angel by dropping him off a four hundred foot cliff.

Still, it's all good redemption points. Thanks, Charles!

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