7 Skills We Can't Believe We Had to Unlock

Published 4 months ago by Jane Douglas

Dairy me

It's easy to take for granted simple skills such as holding items in a particular hand and drinking things. So spare a thought for these game characters who must unlock some ludicrously basic skills to get by in life. Consider these skills we can't believe we had to unlock.

The thing about milk is that it is notoriously easy to drink. Just ask any infant human, which can literally drink milk before it can walk, recognise itself in a mirror, or answer that question you just asked it.

In World of Warcraft, however, when you're starting out with a new character, your low-level noob is utterly unable to drink a refreshing glass of cow juice, as sold by your friendly local tavern keeper.

Somehow you physically aren't capable of imbibing the stuff until you grind your way up to level 5, so until then you'll be choking down your breakfast bowl of Ragnar-Os all dry and crunchy. Enjoy!

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