We hunt for the buffet in FIFA 18's The Journey Part 2

Published 4 months ago by Mike Channell

Making a meal of it

FIFA 18 sees the return of The Journey, which follows the life and career of Alex 'Goal' Hunter. Unfortunately in our clumsy hands he's definitely more Alex 'Buffet' Hunter. In the Part 2 we're on tour in America and all we have to do is beat Real Madrid. Easy.

Yes, our FIFA abilities are likely to cause anyone who's played the game acute, stabbing pain in the frontal lobe, but we're fun and we're at least good enough to magnanimously beat a bunch of Brazilian kids in a pick-up game of street football. That Felipe has a bright future ahead of him.

Oh and this is Xbox One X gameplay, so you might notice a few extra graphical bells and whistles in there. Let us know in the comments section if you spot anything in particular.

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