7 Times You Showed That Jerk from the Start of the Game

Published 4 months ago by Andy Farrant

Revenge of the miffed

Having our butts handed to us at the start of a game is so commonplace it's practically tradition, which is why there's nothing more gleefully empowering than much later on meeting the same baddie that humiliated you early in the game, and wiping the floor with them. Time now for a jog down memory lane, reminiscing about the times we totally showed that jerk from the opening act.

Compare and contrast, for example, the first and final times you encounter the gruesome The Evil Within villain known as The Sadist.

In the former, protagonist Sebastian flees this chainsaw-having nightmare; in the latter, after Seb has earned his stripes, he irritably hoofs a wheely hospital bed into The Sadist's sadistic mush. See, what you call petty revenge, I call restoring the balance.

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