Xbox One X: 4K Monitor and 4K Television Compared

Published 4 months ago by Mike Channell

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Oh my gosh is it nearly Black Friday again already? The day of the year when the Dark Lord marches his terrible armies across the land? What do you mean it's about buying technology? Well then you probably want to watch this video and find out whether you'd be better getting a 4K TV or a 4K PC monitor for your Xbox One X.

There's no doubt that an Xbox One X is at its best when it's connected to a 4K display, but we didn't realise that a 4K television isn't the only option. You could also pick up a 4K PC monitor which has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages when it's connected to an Xbox One X. In this rarest of rare things, a "Mike nerds out about tech" video, we take a look at those pros and cons.

LG supplied a 43UD79 monitor for the purposes of review.

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