We Take on a Sniper Challenge in Hitman Mission The Vector

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

Rifle tower

The Vector is the third mission of Hitman's new Patient Zero campaign. In it, you must ascend a new tower overlooking the Colorado militia compound and take out a series of soldiers infected carrying a deadly virus with only a sniper rifle, along with the doctor responsible for their viral infection. See how we get on in this Hitman sniping gameplay.

Acting as our spotter is Diana, who will be feeding us intel on our targets that includes the fact that one target walk with a limp, one enjoys chess, and one is a whiz on the acoustic guitar.

This dripfeed of intel turns the mission into a deadly combination of Guess Who and Where's Wally, as we follow targets through our sniper scope, waiting for them to pick up an acoustic guitar so we can put an end to them. Kind of what we do at parties, actually.

Hitman Game of the Year Edition is out now.

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