7 Heartwarming Easter Eggs That Will Melt Your Icy Heart

Published 2 months ago by Jane Douglas

Shock and d'aww

I wouldn't say we're completely hard-hearted cynics here, but the last time I had a real human feeling was when I stood on a Lego in bare feet, and I barely felt that. So imagine our surprise when we encountered these hidden secrets in videogames and found that the stories behind them were so sweet and so heartfelt, we may have even said "awww".

Contemplate the secret golf game locked away inside the Nintendo Switch as a touching tribute to the late and legendary Satoru Iwata, for instance, or the friendly thank you note to fans etched almost invisibly onto the Pro Controller of that same console.

Then there's the love note from a developer daubed on the ceiling of a hidden corridor in a spaceship in the original Halo, rendered in blood and bullet holes. Literally what could be more romantic?

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