Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2017 Begins with Nude Punching in Fallout 4

Published 4 months ago by Jane Douglas

Call of nudie

It's the first day of the annual festive Outside Xbox contest, in which we draw daily random game challenges in the run-up to Christmas 2017. Join us as the competition heats up like a panful of mulled wine, with the help of Outside Xtra elves Luke and Ellen. Mike has first pick and draws Fallout 4, in which he must punch the Brotherhood of Steel's Elder Maxson in the face aboard floating fortress the Prydwyn, then escape with his life. Also, he must be nude.

The nude punching challenge is nearly as venerable a tradition as the Oxbox Xmas Challenge itself, and has historically played to Mike's strengths.

Will he survive the lasers this time? Will he survive the fall? Isn't it cold up there in just your pants? Find all these questions and possibly more answered in the Fallout 4 gameplay above, and return for tomorrow's challenge.

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