Coughs and Sneezes Cause Diseases, Murder Rampages in Hitman: Patient Zero

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

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The final mission of Hitman's new Patient Zero campaign takes us back to the Gama Institute in Hokkaido, Japan, where doctors are treating the Patient Zero of the title - a man named Owen Cage who was the first person to be infected with the deadly Nabazov virus. While we're here, we'll also be taking out his doctor, Klaus Lieblied, because we don't want to make two trips, I guess. See how each of us goes about it in this Hitman gameplay.

The wrinkle in this particular mission is that the Nabazov virus is extremely infectious. Anyone coming into proximity with someone carrying the virus becomes a carrier themselves, and according to Diana, we can't allow a single infected person to be left alive when we exit the level.

There are two ways of handling this, it seems. You can either find the first infected patient and eliminate them quickly so that the virus doesn't have a chance to spread, or run around the level like a headless chicken until everyone has the virus and you end up having to kill 126 people.

No prizes for guessing which one will be known from here on out as the "Mike Channell" method.

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