7 Times Being the Hero Was Seriously Bad for Your Health

Published 4 months ago by Jane Douglas

Hey, fever!

Game heroes are typically the picture of health, all muscle tone and good teeth. So it's all the more tragic when they canonically endure debilitating disease, smashed bones and severed limbs in the name of doing their heroic business. Just ponder these times being the hero was seriously bad for your health.

For starters, there's your chosen lead character in Far Cry 2. If you thought a four-hour delay to your EasyJet flight was a bad start to your holiday, spare a thought for this guy.

Within minutes of stepping off the plane in an unnamed African country, your character contracts malaria - the symptoms of which include headaches, nausea and the screen going a bit yellow around the edges.

Then there's Dying Light's ostensible hero Kyle Crane. In so many bits of zombie fiction, a key character finds themselves mysteriously immune to the zombie plague. Not our Kyle!

The parkourist protagonist parachutes into zombie-infested Harran to retrieve a stolen file, then gets immediately mobbed by bandits and zombies, leading to him being bitten and infected with the zombifying lurgy.

This is nearly as bad as the raw deal received by Batman in Arkham City, in which Bats is captured and injected with blood from the Joker, which is contaminated with toxic Titan formula.

Not only is there the Titan stuff to worry about, do we think that Joker took the time to check he and Batman had compatible blood types? We very much doubt it.

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