7 Things That Will Happen in 2018 According to Videogames

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

Eye in the Skynet

After the maelstrom of world news that was 2017, who could know what 2018 will bring? Videogames, that's who. For a glimpse of the year ahead, consider how games such as Terminator Salvation, Deus Ex and Iron Sky Invasion predicted what's to come in 2018.

The rapid pace of technological progress takes our meagre human brains by surprise because we expect progress to be linear when actually Moore's Law predicts that processing power for computers will double every two years, making for exponential advancement.

That's why ten years ago no-one foresaw how Apple would be peddling a 1000-dollar telephone today, and why in 2018 we will be blindsided by the arrival of realistic humanoid robots that kill people.

The original Terminator movie of course predicted humanoid robots that look realistic, or at least as realistic as Arnold Schwarzenegger. But after a plethora of Terminator sequels set in the future and the past, the Terminator franchise has screwed its own timeline harder than Marty McFly ghost riding the DeLorean.

At this point, the time-travelling Terminator series is riddled with alternate timelines, but it's the timeline of Terminator Salvation that forecasts 2018 is the year that Skynet creates the prototype T-800.

The T-800 prototype is an early version of the Arnie Terminator, in that it is a metal endoskeleton that Skynet covered in realistic rubber skin, before it came up with the much better idea of covering it in the living human skin of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This prototype is known as the T-RIP, which stands for Terminator Resistance Infiltrator Prototype because even a malevolent AI network can't resist a great acronym.

So when a semi-lifelike robot covered in rubber skin murders you this year, don't say Terminator Salvation didn't warn you.

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