5 New Videogame Movies Coming in 2018

Published 2 years ago by Mike Channell

Scene it all

Occasionally we remember that we love movies as well as videogames and 2018's cinematic slate is shaping up nicely, with five films in particular that are laser-targeted at videogame fans. Find out what they are here.

Arguably the biggest upcoming game-themed movie is Ready Player One, a Spielberg-directed adaptation of the novel about a battle for a vast virtual world, Oasis. It's sort of like Second Life, only you wouldn't mind your mum walking in on you playing it. Elsewhere, there's a reboot of the Tomb Raider movies to match the reboot the game series enjoyed in 2013. This one looks like it's hugging close to the plot of the videogame, so we're hoping it won't make a horrible mess of Lara Croft's legacy.

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