Show of the Week: Resident Evil 2 and the Zombie Gnome Challenge

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Gnome mercy

Show of the Week celebrates the birthday of landmark survival horror game Resident Evil 2, which turns 20 this month. Who could forget the foreboding Raccoon City Police Department? The debut of floppy-haired series mainstay Leon Kennedy? The eccentric voice acting? Not us, is who.

Later in the show, we salute Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield's undead ordeal with a zombie encounter of our own. In a new part of the show we have inventively dubbed Challenge of the Week, Mike must fire up Left 4 Dead 2, pelt a deadly witch with a garden gnome, and not be shredded horribly by her witchy talons. Let's see how that turns out.

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