Hitman Escalation Demands Cowboy Murder, Ridiculous Hand Cannon

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

Unjolly rancher

In Hitman's Escalation mission The Dexter Discordance, Agent 47 must yoink a ludicrously overpowered antique pistol and use it on a cowboy-hatted patient at a luxurious private hospital in Japan. Agent 47 must also be dressed as a cowboy while executing the hit, for reasons known only to him and possibly the International Contract Agency.

This three-part mission ramps up the challenge by having us additionally wipe out anyone who sets foot in 47's swish guest room.

The trick here is escaping the level before further hospital staff, guards and passers-by venture into 47's room, curious about the heap of fresh corpses, leading to the kind of runaway, Patient Zero-style spree I know so well.

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