7 Games With Sequels That Flipped the Script So Hard It Broke

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Good corp bad corp

You know where you are with a sequel: it's like the first game but there are new weapons, new baddies and there's a number at the end of it. Except sometimes a sequel isn't like that at all. Sometimes the next game lurches into a whole other genre to produce a sequel so radically different from the original you have to squint to see the family resemblance.

The key pillars of the cyberpunk genre are advanced technology, dystopian society, and trenchcoats. According to these strict criteria, both the 1993 MS-DOS game Syndicate and the 2012 reboot Syndicate are as cyberpunk as it gets.

Both games are set in a future where powerful mega-corporations run the world with a blend of corporate espionage, mind control and shooting. After that, though, the similarity tails off.

The original Syndicate was a Peter Molyneux joint in which you project manage a team of four identical trenchcoated agents in real-time tactical action, in which they scurry around an isometric dystopia pursuing the nefarious goals of you, their corporate boss.

The more recent Syndicate, on the other hand, was a first-person action shooter in which you stomp around in the trendy jackboots of one Agent Miles Kilo.

You can see the stark contrast for yourself in the video above, which contemplates this and other sequels that flipped the script so hard it broke.

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