The 7 Cheapest Bosses in Fighting Game History

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Gill or be Gilled

You don't get to be a boss in a fighting game by being nice to people. You get there by crushing everyone who dares oppose you, ideally with some kind of unblockable laser that takes off half their health. Some would call that cheap, and, after seeing these fighting game bosses in action, we 100 percent agree.

For example: Gill, the Street Fighter III boss who looks like his self tanning machine broke down halfway through his bronzing session.

Gill is possessed of a special move that will drain two thirds of your health gauge, the dreaded Seraphic Wing, but his real dick move lies in his Super Art called Resurrection.

If you KO Gill when he has a full super gauge, Resurrection automatically triggers, bringing Gill back to life and restoring him to full health, unless you manage to interrupt it.

That's trickier than it sounds, due to how while Gill is levitating, restoring his health, an unseen force pushes you away from him, making it hard to get close enough to land an interrupting blow.

Not only is Gill super powerful, incredibly resilient, and able to bring himself back to life, he's also doing all of this in tiny pants. At least Bison wore trousers, man.

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