7 More Great Games You'll Never Get to Play

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Bunny stop

Despite us being sad about it on the internet, videogames continue to get cancelled after giving us a glimpse of what they might be like, and as we all know, the best games are the ones you never get to play. Here are seven games we'd love to play that are never going to see the light of day.

Games such as Project Rap Rabbit, a rhythm action game about a rapping bunny, from the team behind Parappa the Rapper.

Unlike the rapping in Parappa, which takes the form of jolly cooperation between emcees, Project Rap Rabbit was to take the form of rap battles against evil animal overlords, which gave you multiple choices on how to respond to a rival rapper's rhymes.

How well you rapped would affect your swag gauge, which was the key to determining whether you would succeed or fail.

Unfortunately, Project Rap Rabbit fell well short of its £855,000 Kickstarter goal, and so the game was shelved, presumably indefinitely. Which is a shame, because we're always up for more rhythm action games, and the retro-futuristic alternate history Japan of legends looked like a super interesting setting for NanaOn-Sha's trademark quirky storytelling.

Bad news for rhythm action game fans. At least they'll keep making Rock Band games forever! Right?

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