Show of the Week: Rainbow Six Siege Zombies and Jane's Lone Wolf Challenge

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Squad ghouls

Show of the Week investigates Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Chimera, a zombie-themed update that adds co-op campaign Outbreak, in which you and your operator buddies must gun down a spiky, explosive zombie horde.

Later, for my challenge of the week I return to Rainbow Six Siege's classic Terrohunt mode as a lone wolf operative, facing down 22 masked and ideologically ambiguous terrorists with nothing but a slegehammer, rappelling rope and a bunch of guns.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera is out now. The co-op Outbreak campaign 'event' is available until 3 April 2018.

About the author

Jane Douglas
Jane is co-editor at Outside Xbox, where she writes words and makes videos. She enjoys dialogue trees.

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