7 Bizarre Guest Appearances That Took Characters Out of Their Comfort Zone

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Cameo no she didn't

Game characters tend to be good at what they do, but sometimes they want to stretch themselves and step out of their comfort zone. This is presumably how we wound up with these seven bizarre and unexpected guest appearances that really put the "oh?" in cameo.

Consider Ayane, the purple-haired ninja from the Dead or Alive series. She can ordinarily be found fighting people or playing beach volleyball. That's why we were taken aback to see Ayane rock up in the bonus chapters of survival horror game Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water.

You might expect a survival horror game to be a cakewalk for the ninja champion of the third Dead or Alive Tournament. Surely she just has to backflip off a roof, katana all the zombies in half, then disappear in a puff of mystery?

Unfortunately for Ayane, Fatal Frame doesn't work like that. The enemies in the game are ghosts that you can only harm through the use of a paranormal camera. As such, they cannot be defeated with sick ninja skills. I'd stick with the beach volleyball if I were you, Ayane.

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