7 Innocent Bystanders Who Were Screwed Over By You, The Hero

Published 9 months ago by Andy Farrant

Captain crunch

They say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, but it's equally true that you can't be a videogame hero without ruining the lives of a few random bystanders. At least, that's the way it seems, when you consider how these seven videogame heroes destroyed these people's homes, livelihoods and skeletons, whether for the greater good, or just because they thought it'd be a laugh, Kratos. Honestly, that guy.

Apparently, just having the sheer nerve to be eaten by a hydra when Kratos is fighting it is enough to get into the Son of Sparta's bad books.

That's the position in which the sea captain from God of War finds himself, in a series of events that starts with his ship being attacked by the hydra, before he is then swallowed by said hydra, at which point Kratos comes after him, not to rescue him, as the captain first thinks, but to steal his key, because he needs it for later.

If you think the worst is over for the sea captain just because he's been eaten by a mythical dragon monster, think again, because later in the game, Kratos finds himself falling into Hades and saving himself by grabbing onto the dangling legs of the sea captain, who he then stabs and throws into hell, for a laugh.

Tough break, sea captain. Try being in Gears of War next time. Might have more luck over there.

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