7 Ambitious Games Too Ambitious for Their Own Good

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

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Any Slytherin will tell you ambition is an admirable quality. But much like Mrs Weasley fighting Bellatrix Lestrange, sometimes ambition goes too far, as in the case with these ambitious videogames that overpromised, under-delivered, and ended in disappointment.

Take 2000's Daikatana, for instance: a sort of cyberpunk, time-travelling samurai story from rock star developer John Romero.

The game relied on you deploying the skills of two advanced AI companions, Mikiko Ebihara and Superfly Johnson. These guys were supposed to be revolutionary, but the only revolution happening will be you revolving your eyes when they do yet another stupid thing.

Daikatana was a hugely ambitious shooter RPG, but for that reason and many others it just didn't work, making it one of the most high-profile videogame flops of all time and somewhat putting a halt to the whole obsession with rock star developers.

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