7 Levels You Get in Basically Every Game

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Make it drain

Games can take us to so many places, yet amidst these diverse locations there are a handful of 'classics' in which we wind up over and over. The end result is they're more familiar than your childhood home, but without all the dead pets in the garden. Point your face at sewer levels, factory levels, nightclub levels and lava levels galore, then subscribe for a week like this every Thursday.

The sewer level is so commonplace as to be a veritable tradition; we find ourselves splashing into a sewer with more regularity than the stuff which makes sewers so unpleasant in the first place, in games as disparate as Wolfenstein 2, Deadpool, Resident Evil 4, Dead Island and Gears of War, to name but a few.

You don't have to be a wastewater engineer to estimate how much ick is involved in sloshing around in the figurative and also kind of literal bowels of a city, or how many showers you are going to need after all your sewer spelunking. Looking at you, Blazkowicz.

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