We Drive an F1 Car in The Crew 2 Gameplay

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Winning formula

The Crew 2 has a diverse array of vehicles, from motocross bikes, through powerboats, to an officially licensed Red Bull Formula One Car. We sample some of the new vehicles in The Crew 2's car list in this Crew 2 gameplay video.

The coolest thing about the inclusion of the F1 car is that because The Crew 2 is still set in a giant open world version of the USA, you can blast across the country at 200mph in a Formula One car. That is, if you aren't flying across it in a stunt plane or skimming around in a barely controllable hovercraft.

The Crew 2 comes out on release date 29 June 2018 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Crew 2 gameplay footage in the above video was taken from the Xbox One version played on Xbox One X.

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