7 Games So Unexpectedly Terrifying You'll Never Trust Again

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

A clone in the dark

The most effective scares happen when you're least expecting them. This gives non-horror games an advantage at scaring the bejesus out of us, because we were having a nice relaxed time doing assassinations, not expecting sudden terror. A while back we shared the games so unexpectedly terrifying we can never trust again. Now it's time to see which ostensibly un-scary games gave you the willies.

A ghost ship is a ship found adrift with all its crew spookily disappeared.

So you can understand the trepidation with which we and several commenters playing Star Wars Republic Commando approached the mysteriously abandoned Republic Assault Ship the Prosecutor.

We assume this is Delta Squad's first horror movie, because when they are dispatched to investigate this abandoned spaceship, they make your rookie mistake of splitting up to search it.

As if that's not foreboding enough, the ominous-o-meter hits record highs while the separated squad creep around this derelict hellship in the dark. It's like splitting up to search was a terrible idea, and being alone on a ghost ship is terrible? Nice going, Delta Squad.

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