8 New Things We Did While Taking Air Force One in The Division 2 Gameplay

Published 9 months ago by Jane Douglas

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The Division 2 is coming on release date 15 March 2019, transplanting the squad shooter action to summertime Washington DC and adding end-game specializations, riot foam guns, and persistent grass physics. We've tried it all in this The Division 2 gameplay, so get an eyeful right here.

Where the original Division game took place in slushy New York, its sequel takes place in midsummer Washington DC. After the bitter cold of an NYC winter, the hazy warmth of Washington is a welcome respite, or it would be if society wasn't still all collapsed. At any rate, you can ditch your winter wardrobe from the first game here in sunny, post-apocalyptic DC. You won't be needing your bobble hat in this heat.

And we are going to talk about the important, game-changing stuff introduced in The Division 2. But if you think we're not going to show you how you can dynamically trample the long grass in The Division 2 or deliciously funny moments like taking selfies, doing iconic 90s dance the macarena, or being covered in weaponized foam bubbles, it's like you don't know us at all.

In the portion of The Division 2 we played here, we were dropped into the combat boots of a level 30 character.

This is to say, we were playing a seasoned Division agent who was levelled up to the point where you get to select one of the new end-game “specializations”, as they're called.

These specializations, such as the Sharpshooter specialization here, furnish your character with a special signature weapon - a large sniper rifle, in our case.

The Sharpshooter specialization also comes equipped with the Assault Drone skill, with which you can deploy a deadly automated quadrucoptor.

This rotary-wing death dealer will hover around your head until you let it know you which fool you want terminated, at which point it will buzz off and attack them like a vicious robot mosquito.

We're going to say it, at certain moments the assault drone was almost embarrassingly useful, to the point where a less conscientious sniper might casually hang back and let the drone mop up baddies on their behalf.

As responsible Division agents we'd never dream of doing such a thing, but just so you know.

The Division 2 comes out on release date 15 March 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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