Show of the Week: Overwatch League Finals and Jane's Hamster Racing Challenge

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Furry road

Mike, Andy and I go hamster ball racing as Overwatch's new hero Wrecking Ball (Hammond to his friends) in Challenge of the Week, but also Andy and I nip to New York for the first ever Overwatch League grand final.

The Overwatch League finals, culmination of the inaugural season of the international Overwatch League, take place on Friday 27 July and Saturday 28 July at Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

They come just after the addition of new Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball to the ever-growing Overwatch roster. He is an oversized hamster from the moon who rides a spherical mech, which can form into a rolling ball and boost around the map with a grappling hook skill.

Also, if you so wish, you can race multiple Hammonds in a high-octane, full-contact improvised racing mini-game. For which, see the video above.

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