7 Weirdest Cameos We Did Not See Coming

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Grande scheme of things

The Walking Dead's Negan in Tekken 7? Ariana Grande in a Final Fantasy? These celebrity cameos in videogames were so unexpected, so incongruous, they left us baffled by what we'd just seen, heard and played.

Writer, presenter and sometime games journalist Charlie Brooker had a bizarre cameo in Sniper Elite 3, for instance, in which he appears in expansion pack Hunt the Grey Wolf.

The Sniper Elite series combines the slow-motion bullet time of Neo, the X-ray vision of Superman, and the obsession with internal organs of Hannibal Lecter.

So we can only imagine the enthusiasm with which Brooker grasped the opportunity to have his likeness offered up for testicle target practice.

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