7 Things Games Shamelessly Stole from Movies

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Box office smash and grab

Movies get their ideas from all kinds of places, including games, so it's probably only fair that games are ripping off movies with the kind of shameless abandon of a kid borrowing some else's homework four minutes before it's due to be handed in. Consider seven of our favourite examples.

The first Dead Rising game, for instance, launched in 2006 and trapped photojournalist Frank West in a zombie-filled shopping complex with only his wits and a mall's worth of consumer goods to save him.

It's uncannily similar to George A Romero's classic zombie movie Dawn of the Dead. This didn't escape the notice of the Dawn of the Dead rights holders, who were of the opinion that Dead Rising had ripped off the movie, and threatened to sue Capcom back in 2008.

The suit was eventually settled in favour of Capcom, when it was deemed Dead Rising had none of the social commentary that distinguishes Dawn of the Dead. Oh snap, Dead Rising.

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