7 Videogame Vacations That Went Horribly Wrong

Published 7 months ago by Jane Douglas

Last resort

Skydiving in Far Cry 3, a resort stay in Dead Island, and the tropical getaway in Let's Go Jungle Lost on the Island of Spice: consider, for starters, these videogame vacations from hell that are enough to make you want to stay at home.

If you're keen on a holiday in Southeast Asia, or maybe just plagued by under-seasoned food, you might consider a backpacking trip through the lush rainforest of Let's Go Jungle's Island of Spice.

There's loads here for the discerning tourist: beautiful nature, a warm, temperate climate and some fascinating fauna that has to be seen to be believed.

To paraphrase this game's preposterous backstory, it turns out that local scientists discovered a special mushroom that causes accelerated biological growth so the jungle could be restored to its former glory after a particularly nasty war.

The upshot is Let's Go Jungle protagonists Ben and Norah aren't having the vacation of their dreams - or not unless they habitually eat an entire block of Monterey Jack before bedtime.

Because we all know what "accelerated biological growth" is scientific shorthand for: giant spiders.

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