We Clash With Noise-Hating Paladins in New Dungeons and Dragons Oxventure

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Hush hour

Ready yourself for a new Dungeons and Dragons Oxventure, in which our ostensible heroes clash with a strange, shushy cult. What is their deal? Why are they stealing things? How did this grease get everywhere? There is literally one way to find out, which is to watch episode one of this new Oxventure on Outside Xbox.

As the first episode begins, the freshly levelled-up Oxventurers Corazon, Dob, Egbert, Merilwen and Prudence encounter a waylaid traveling troupe, accidentally recruit a jester, and investigate the mysterious cult that has the town of Inkwater very quietly terrified.

With thanks to Loading Bar of London for hosting the recording of this session, to our mighty Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini of Eurogamer, and to character artist Bendix Engmann, also of Eurogamer.

Ready for the thrilling conclusion? Watch the second and final episode of this Oxventure now on Outside Xtra.

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Jane Douglas
Jane is co-editor at Outside Xbox, where she writes words and makes videos. She enjoys dialogue trees.

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