7 Heroes Who Lived Long Enough to Become the Villain: Commenter Edition

Published 9 months ago by Jane Douglas

Prince harming

Heroes have all the good karma but villains have all the fun, which is presumably why so many game heroes switch sides for the sequel. This is more widespread than we even imagined, judging by the quantity of comments on our last video on the issue. Direct your attention to these seven heroes who lived long enough to become the villain and subscribe to Outside Xbox for a video like this every Thursday.

Take Prince Arthas Menethil circa Warcraft 3, whose goal as a paladin was to stop a plague of undeath from infesting the kingdom - something at which he failed pretty spectacularly by using the cursed sword Frostmourne.

Said sword turned Prince Arthas into a Death Knight of the Scourge, and lead to him destroying Lordaeron, as well as much of the surrounding area.

Arthas then merged with the Lich King, killed his Dad King, and began a reign of terror that ended only when your heroic player character from World of Warcraft voyaged to his base in Northrend to defeat him.

There's a lesson in there about not wielding cursed runeblades nicked from Lich Kings, we reckon.

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