Outsides Xbox and Xtra Clash in Showdown of the Week 2018

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Let there be fight

Showdown of the Week returns! Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra clash for the second time, live on stage at EGX 2018, in the categories of violence, friendship, art and music. Who will triumph at Nidhogg 2? Who can draw a better Pikachu? Who can play an actual ocarina? Literally no-one in the whole world. But discover the other answers in Showdown of the Week 2018.

If you missed the live show at EGX, now's your chance to witness the second ever Showdown of the Week.

And if it's the Dungeons and Dragons Oxventure live show you're hankering for, subscribe to Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra and ring the bell to be notified when those DnD videos come out.

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Jane is co-editor at Outside Xbox, where she writes words and makes videos. She enjoys dialogue trees.

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