7 Ways You're Playing Wrestling Games Wrong (According To Actual Wrestlers)

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Time at The Bar

The temptation is to play wrestling games like beat em ups: you punch your opponent, do your big moves, hit a finisher, and then pin them. But ask any pro wrestler and they'll tell you there's much more to wrestling than just that. So we did! Ask some wrestlers, that is, about the things you need to be doing in the upcoming WWE 2K19.

We chatted to wrestlers including AJ Styles, Cesaro, Johnny Gargano and Baron Corbin about such tools of the wrestlers' art as cutting a promo, using psychology, and taking things outside the ring, all techniques that you yourself can apply to your wrestling game to try and up your star rating.

Just remember that hitting your opponent is frowned upon, both in wrestling games AND in real life. Learned that one that hard way.

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