We Raid Stately Manor in New Dungeons and Dragons Oxventure

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Plunder siege

The Oxventure crew raid a stately manor, vying for loot in a scrum with elite guards, deadly brigands and a pot of tainted stew. Behold this new Dungeons and Dragons episode, recorded live at EGX 2018, then discover episode two, available now on Outside Xtra.

Following their recent ordeal with an order of shushy paladins, our Oxventure heroes Corazon, Dob, Egbert, Merilwen and Prudence travel to Redcastle for a spot of relaxation.

Only instead of a resort and spa, the Oxventurers find a fancy mansion gearing up for an annual criminal free-for-all, in which the duke of the manor invites violent thieves from across the land to try burglarising his home. So then they do that instead.

With thanks to EGX 2018 for hosting and recording this Dungeons and Dragons session, to our mighty Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini of Eurogamer, and to character artist Bendix Engmann, also of Eurogamer.

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