7 Times Violence Wasn't The Answer: Commenter Edition

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

It'll be all wight on the night

Violence never truly solves anything, except in videogames, where it solves everything. Except! For the handful of special occasions that call for non-violent lateral thinking. Hot on the heels of our last video in this topic, here are your suggestions for sneaky ways to resolve a conflict.

Take the Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, for example, in which one quest has you track a gruesome creature known as a spotted wight to its lair, where it has been tormenting locals and also, apparently, hoarding spoons?

You can either leap from the shadows and attack the wight in their own home which, rude, or choose to sit down and enjoy a meal with them like a civilised Witcher.

Avoid using spoons as you eat, and you lift the curse on your dinner companion, who is magicked back into human form with nary a bloody and impolite swordfight over the dining table. If only all Witching was this easy, eh Geralt?

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