7 Spammy Moves You Loved to Spam You Spammer

Published 6 months ago by Jane Douglas

The kick and the dead

From spamming fireballs in Street Fighter 2, to spamming kicks in Dead Island, to spamming explosive cyborg powers in Deus Ex Human Revolution - join us now in a shameful celebration of the spammy moves we just couldn't stop spamming.

The original and best spammy move in Street Fighter 2 has to be the fireball so beloved by the Shoto Bros Ryu and Ken.

With the fireball easier to pull off than a dragon punch, from the second we mastered the quarter circle forward and punch combination needed to fire these flaming projectiles, we knew we'd never need a second move. Not when we could create an impassable wall of fiery blue death like those seen in this video.

Then there was Dead Island: a fun, open-world zombie game that suffered from the scourge of survival RPGs known as weapon durability. But you know what doesn't break? Legs.

At least, they don't in Dead Island, where almost everything else will eventually snap if you smash it over the head of a zombie enough times.

Better yet, in the original release version of Dead Island, kicking didn't cost any stamina, meaning you could boot zombies around to your heart's content. Those were good times. Good, kicky times.

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