7 Times Realism Was Way Too Real

Published 7 months ago by Jane Douglas

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For certain videogames 'realism' means including 'realistic' elements some might call excessively gross or finicky or so mundane you'll want to eat your own hands. And not just because you'll starve to death otherwise. Please enjoy these seven times realism in videogames was way too realistic for us.

In survival horror detective adventure Deadly Premonition you are tasked with keeping on top of all sorts of tedious real world things, such as your hunger and tiredness levels, in addition to unravelling the mystery of Anna Graham's murder.

It's keeping your vehicle topped up with fuel that's the most irritating chore, though, because failing to monitor your fuel will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere and having to traipse several miles back to civilisation.

You'll have to pre-plan your commutes around town, paying regular visits to the gas station where you'll pay an extortionate $5 a gallon to top up your police vehicle. This is twice the national average. That's the real crime going on here in Greenvale.

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