7 Times Games Stole All Your Stuff

Published 6 months ago by Jane Douglas

Man of steal

Many a time we've spent a game acquiring precious items and equipment, then lost it all when the game ransacked our inventory - by means of a fussy elevator, quad bike crash, island shipwreck or, more often than not, throwing us in jail. Nightmare.

What better way to test your complacent, loot-laden player than by nicking all their gear? Is presumably the thinking here.

Take the elevator in Silent Hill 2's Lakeview Hotel, which has a capacity of exactly one person. And when it says "one person", it means it.

What's more, that person must weigh exactly however much protagonist James Sunderland weighs, apparently, and they can't be carrying anything else, no matter how light.

That means if you want to ride this elevator, say goodbye to all your health drinks, first aid kits, guns, music boxes and, most importantly, your torch, the only thing standing between you and what lurks in the spooky darkness.

If you've ever played a survival horror game you'll know that having health kits and guns and the ability to see are the only things keeping you from freaking out like a cat who's seen a cucumber.

So fair play to Silent Hill 2 for the next half hour of Silent Hill 2, which was some of the most unpleasantly tense time we've ever spent in a game, made possible by this despicable act of thievery.

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