7 Times You Could Go Anywhere But Probably Shouldn't

Published 6 months ago by Jane Douglas

Back to Blackwater

In an open world where you can technically go anywhere but actually shouldn't, some games get creative, concocting in-world explanations for why you're being assassinated by psychic snipers for exploring. Others just stick a bunch of nightmare monsters in your path to crunch you senseless. Consider the times videogames did such things, to our horrified dismay.

The open world in Red Dead Redemption 2, for instance, is so enormous thanks to the inclusion of a huge chunk of the map from the original Red Dead Redemption, including such fan favourite locations as Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and Thieves' Landing.

However, if you head there too early it's less Red Dead Redemption and more Lead Head Explosion because you are 100 percent getting shot in the face.

Yes, shot by the hordes of supernatural bounty hunters who warp into existence with the sole aim of ruining your day should you even think about trying to get into West Elizabeth prematurely.

In the fiction of the game, this is because of the ferry heist that the Van Der Linde gang pulled off in Blackwater before the game began, which has left them Wanted Dead or Alive across that region. If only someone would tell these bounty hunters about the "or Alive" bit.

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