7 Times You Died But Then You Got Better

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

Dead wrong

I'm no doctor, but I'd wager the most difficult medical condition to treat is being dead. And yet it takes more than a nasty case of having died to keep these game heroes down. Join us now to fondly remember the times you died, but then got better, because you had too much to do.

At the start of Mass Effect 2, for instance, a surprise attack on the Normandy results in all hands abandoning ship and Commander Shepard choking on a bunch of hard vacuum.

That's Shepard deader than disco, you might have thought. Wow, Mass Effect 2 turned out to be a really short game, you might have thought. Except you hadn't reckoned with the power of the aforementioned Lazarus Project.

Lazarus is a mind-blowingly expensive, unprecedented system for reanimating a bunch of fleshy human chunks with cybernetic reconstruction, like a less shiny Robocop.

Still, we mustn't grumble because otherwise Mass Effect 2 would have ended 10 minutes in, the Reapers would have hoovered up all the sentient life, and I'd have never had that pull-up contest with James Vega on the Citadel, and then where would we be?

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