7 Reasons a Real F1 Driver is Faster Than You (Even on F1 2019)

Published 8 months ago by Mike Channell

Lap of the gods

F1 drivers are fast in an actual Formula One car, sure, but we were secretly hoping we'd be quicker than them on our home turf of videogames. Find out exactly what happened when we challenged real life Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Pierre Gasly on F1 2019 and discover the 7 reasons he's probably faster than you.

Whether it's discipline, focus or sheer perfectionism, Gasly proved that he's not just handy behind the wheel of a real racing car. With only 20 minutes spent playing the new F1 game F1 2019 during a busy real life Grand Prix weekend, the real life F1 driver demonstrated impressive pace.

F1 2019 is out now.

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