We're Lumbered With The Worst Teammate Ever in Grid (Sponsored Content)

Published 5 months ago by Mike Channell

The squad couple

As if it wasn't difficult enough being a top tier racing driver, we have to contend with the enemy within - in this case, our treacherous teammate Nick Whittle. He might not always be our official Nemesis, appointed by GRID's new Nemesis system, but he'll always be the Nemesis of our hearts.

In this GRID gameplay, we sample a handful of the best races that GRID 2019's career mode has to offer, trying out Formula One against Fernando Alonso, classic GT cars and a race called Night Terrors, which curiously doesn't involve your driver waking up in their bed screaming.

GRID is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

This video is sponsored content brought to you by Outside Xbox and sponsor GRID.

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