WWE 2K20's Story Mode is Very Weird

Published 4 months ago by Mike Channell

High school bruisical

As you can see in this WWE 2K20 story mode gameplay, WWE 2K20's new career mode is inspired by the career mode in the NBA games. But does it work for the spandex soap opera that is wrestling? Spoiler alert: not really, but at least it's rubbish in some pretty amusing ways, including a bizarre high school flashback.

Having tried and failed to create Lionface, our beloved career mode wrestler from previous WWE games, we took an all-new monstrosity, hereby known as Lionface 2.0, and plunged him into the unmitigated weirdness that is WWE 2K20's career mode.

WWE 2K20 comes out on release date 22 October 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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