Kraken Attack Interrupts Quest in Sea of Thieves Seabound Soul

Published 2 months ago by Jane Douglas

Squid pro quo

Behold Sea of Thieves Seabound Soul gameplay in which Andy and Mike are attacked by a giant kraken. Who will be eaten alive? Who will be turned into a ghostly green skeleton? The one way to find out is to watch, and also why not subscribe for more Sea of Thieves on Outside Xbox?

In this second part of the latest Sea of Thieves Tall Tale story update, witness the Outside Xbox pirate duo press on in their quest for adventure on the high seas, only to fall prey to a giant angry kraken. Will they escape its tentacle clutches?

Sea of Thieves Tall Tale Seabound Soul is out now on Xbox One as a free update to Sea of Thieves. Start Seabound Soul by visiting Shipwreck Bay to find the Tall Tale book in the wreck of the Blackwyche.

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