The Final Day of Oxbox Xmas Brings the Santa Royale Challenge

Published 2 months ago by Andy Farrant

Claus for concern

The final day of the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2019 brings a WWE 2K20 Santa Royale challenge: a eight-man Battle Royal in which Jane plays a hulking pro wrestler Santa against a grab bag of top stars, midcard staples, Hall of Fame legends, and one sentient barbecued rib. Will Santa be the last man standing? Or will someone flip Saint Nick over the top rope? Watch this WWE 2K20 gameplay and see.

The customised Santa wrestler recruited for day two of the Christmas challenge season is 300 pounds of festive fury in a red robe, designed by a talented WWE 2K20 player and downloaded by us from the game's online store. Search the created characters for "Santa" to play him yourself.

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