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About Outside Xbox

Outside Xbox along with sister channel Outside Xtra, is a YouTube channel dedicated to the fun of videogames. You'll see no grim determination, 30-kill streaks or even any discernable gaming skill at all here. Instead we celebrate the brilliant, often ludicrous, world of videogames, both new and old. Or retro, which as we understand it is videogames for old.

Join us for our weekly 7 Things list features on a Thursday, Wednesday's Show of the Week Live plus all the let's plays, livestreams and discussions you might expect from a gaming channel. What you might not expect are the cocktail recipes, the Dungeons and Dragons and the live shows we also produce, though we reckon you'll like those too.

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About Us

Andy Farrant avatar

Andy Farrant

Andy was part of the original UK Inside Xbox team, which was both wildly popular and the reason for Outside Xbox's now faintly ridiculous name. These days he brings his specialist subjects of weird 90s videogames, horror and cowboy fashion advice to the YouTube audience.

As a secret goth, in his spare time Andy is on a quest to visit every single one of the Disney Haunted Mansion, as much for décor tips as for the enjoyment of the ride itself.

Jane Douglas avatar

Jane Douglas

Jane likes bad horror movies, good RPGs and physics, which she studied before hanging up her lab coat and extinguishing her high-power lasers in favour of writing words and making videos about games.

Not that it's stopped her from sneaking science into occasional Outside Xbox videos. These have included investigations into the quantum mechanics of Bioshock Infinite, the ways games get space right and what it's like to train as an astronaut. For science!

Mike Channell avatar

Mike Channell

Prior to becoming a YouTuber, Mike learnt his craft working on magazines including PC Format and Official Xbox Magazine. Now instead of just writing words, he has to say them as well, which he insists is at least double the amount of work.

Mike divides his spare time between being a racing driver, coming up with cunning schemes that will enable him to be a racing driver more frequently and lamenting the fact that he's foolishly spent all his money on being a racing driver. Who needs three whole meals a day anyway?